Reading Challenges 2018

2018 is the year for ALL the challenges. While I like to think I am a mood reader and sometimes I am, I can get too overwhelmed if I am left with a lot of choices. Reading Challenges are a great way to read outside of your comfort zone and try books that you may not have in the past.


GoodReads 2018 REAding Challenge

Each year I like to set an achievable target on GR. While I also track my reading in different ways, GR is always my single point of truth and what I check on a daily basis, mainly using the app on my phone. This year I have set my goal to 162. The link below will take you to the page where I will keep track, on my blog, everything I read in 2018, including the books I haven't reviewed. Add me on Goodreads and let's support each other to achieve our reading goals, no matter how small or big they may be. 


Book RIot's Read Harder CHallenge 2018

This is the first year I will trying to complete the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge (BR RH). The list is designed to make you read diversely and pick up books you might not have tried otherwise. Click below to find out what books I will be reading for the prompts and how I am going throughout the year. 


Reading women challenge 2018

Reading Women is biweekly podcast by two amazing women. They have decided to do a reading challenge this year and when I saw the prompts, I could not resist. Click below to find out out the books I will be reading for the prompts - I promise NOT ALL picks will be double ups from the BR RH challenge. Reading and celebrating the works of women? Yes Please.


AusYABLoggers Challenge 2018

If you are an Australian or New Zealand book blogger or reader, you can join the Australian YA Bloggers and Readers Group on Goodreads. They are hosting the AusYaBloggers Reading Challenge this year with four prompts each month for YA reads. The fourth prompt has to be a LoveOZYA or a LoveNZYA book but the other three in the month you can choose whatever YA book you want, from whatever country you want, as long as it fits the prompt (though bonus if you can match OZ YA to all the picks, you smart thing you!).