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Book Review: The Cruel Prince

Book Review: The Cruel Prince

As a human growing up in the land of Faerie, you always have to be on guard. They may not MEAN to hurt you but they can do a lot of damage as Jude is well aware. However, Jude decides to take matters into her own hands and she has some tricks up her sleeve that the faerie folk won't seeing coming...

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The Cruel Prince

By Holly Black | The Folk of the Air #1

My rating: 5 stars | Pages: 384

What made me pick it up: I LOVE books set in faerie land with the dark myths and legends, plus it was a YA bookclub pick

Format: Physical copy Source: Dymocks

2018 challenge/s: Goodreads 2018 Reading Challenge;

Trigger warning for some violence and bullying. If this may be triggering for you, please consider as to whether this is the right book for you
— Trigger Warning

As you may have gathered if you read my review of the Changeling, stories involving the myths and legends of the Faerie people are my weakness. So when The Cruel Prince was picked for 'my in real life' YA book club, I had to get a copy. I decided that being 13th on my library hold list wasn't going to cut it and used up the points on my Dymocks card so I could have my own copy in my grubby hands. 

You are thrown into the action right from the start. Jude is only seven years old when her world is sent upside down and through a series of events, she ends up growing up in Faerie land with her twin sister Taryn and her older sister, Vivi. 

Vivi is a faerie, Taryn and Jude are not, and they have to be on guard because Faerie Land is a very dangerous place to be. 

What I loved is that Jude is not willing to accept her fate. She is a human and is perceived as weaker so she does everything in her power to make herself as immune as possible to the faerie charms/glamour. Jude has grown up around High Court politics and all the strategic manoeuvres and outright cunning she displays throughout the course of the novel are amazing to read along with. She makes mistakes but she learns from them VERY quickly. 

Cardan, the namesake of the book, the Cruel Prince, is delightfully complicated and may not be all he appears to be on the surface. 

One of my favourite scenes in the book is when Cardan, who as a Faerie cannot lie, outwits his way upstairs past these guards. Jude tests each of his statements and through her logic points out the nuanced way of speaking that is common to the Faerie folk. 

The supporting characters are well thought out and there are lots of threads left to be pulled and woven, or unwoven as the story goes on. 

It was a dark Faerie story with a strong female heroine and it was exactly what I wanted out of a book. 

I read this during the 24in48 hours readathon and used the app Bookout to track my reading:

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2018 Reading Challenges: 

Have you read The Cruel Prince?  Or do you have any other recommendations for faerie stories? I would love to know your thoughts and recommendations in the comments below.

5 stars.

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