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#BookishBloggersUnite | Introduction Post

#BookishBloggersUnite | Introduction Post

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INTRODUCTION POST hosted by Katy @ thebookishcronk

INTRODUCTION POST hosted by Katy @thebookishcronk

#BookishBloggersUnite is a weekly hashtag that a group of us bookish friends have decided to participate in to talk about all things books. Posts will go up on Friday (or whichever time works best for your time zone!). This first post is about introducing who we are. 

We would love for you to join us, so please answer as many or as little questions as you like and link your post at @TheBookishCronk. There will be a new host each week and a new challenge to participate in. 


Who or what got you into reading: 

I was lucky that my parents always gave me books as presents but I didn't start really loving to read until Grade 1 when my teacher read to the class The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. I was drawn in by the pictures and the story and had my own copy to follow along with that I read ahead with. From there it was a slippery slope to The Babysitter's Club and Nancy Drew. 

The edition that started it all...

The edition that started it all...

What are your favourite genres?

I will read from any genre really, but I have a special place for for fantasy, magical realism and historical fiction. 

What are your least favourite genres?

I don't really have a least favourite because I love to read across all genres and have never found one that I really dislike. 

If you had to choose between bringing a mediocre book series or one great standalone book to a deserted island, which would you pick?

A great standalone. I am looking at you, bind up of all of Jane Austen's novels. 

One cannot own only one copy of a work of Jane Austen

One cannot own only one copy of a work of Jane Austen


How do you organize your bookshelves? Do you even have any organizational system?

I recently entered all my books in a book cataloging app because I own a lot and was having trouble remembering what I had bought as I have a GREAT memory for remembering reading the back of a book and going I like the sound of this but not so much for remembering whether I actually went ahead and BOUGHT it. I have doubled up on books because of this AND missed out on some good bargains because of this as well! 

I alphabetized my shelves by the author so I could look up the authors last name on the app and then get an idea of where on the shelf it lives.

I LOVE the idea of colour coding my shelves or sorting by genre but I have too many crossover genres and too many books to make colour coding feasible. My books are triple stacked so who is really going to be looking at the books behind the forward facing stack? 



What’s the next book on your TBR that you’re excited about?

I have been going a bit crazy at the library lately, just browsing the return trolleys and finding some excellent reads. Though I do think this cover has captured my interest and is by a booktuber who I really like. 



Have you ever gone to any book signings? Which was your favourite?

Brisbane have had some great authors visit lately which is weird because we usually get hardly any international visitors. My favourite so far has been the Australian author Hannah Kent, and international authors, Jodi Picoult and Elizabeth Kostova.

Meeting Jodi Picoult

Meeting Jodi Picoult

Met Elizabeth Kostova but was too shy to ask for a photo

Met Elizabeth Kostova but was too shy to ask for a photo

Hannah Kent was so lovely

Hannah Kent was so lovely


Hardcovers or Paperbacks or eBooks or Audiobooks?

All the books, in all the formats, all the time. 

Seriously though, I borrow a lot of books through my library, in both of the library ebook apps and in physical form. I also have an audible subscription and own way too many physical books. Don't get me started on how much may or may not be saved on my Kindle as well. 

Does that answer the question? 

What if your favourite book to recommend that isn’t a common recommendation to new readers?

Does recommending books make anyone else extremely nervous?

I am going to go for Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta. It is getting a bit old now but the themes are still relevant. It ties together three generations of women whose lives were influenced by one controlling man and how their lives have been shaped by the social norms and culture around them. I read it in year 7 as a personal pick and had to study it in year 9 as an English pick. It deals with figuring out who you are, what culture you belong to, who you want to be, who you want in your life and maturely deals with serious topics teenagers face such as deciding when and if you are ready to have sex, depression, suicide and the courage it takes to defy everyone's expectations and be who you want to be. 

If you love Melina Marchetta's writing, my absolute favourite of hers is Saving Francesca and her fantasy series the Lumatere Chronicles is my favourite fantasy series of all time. 



What is the ideal reading day for you look like?

Curling up under my purple blanket or in my bed on a rainy day with an excellent made coffee beside me and my dogs cuddled into me, knowing that the house is clean, my errands are all done and I have nothing to worry about except diving head first into a new world. 

What makes you DNF a book?

I don't DNF very often but there have been two books in recent history which I just couldn't keep going with. Sometimes if you aren't enjoying it, you need to put it down and if you don't want to come back to it, it is not the book for you. 

What book are you most excited about in 2018?

I am really looking forward to Obsidio, the third and final book in the Illuminae Files by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, the third book in Jay Kristoff's Nevernight Chronicles and the Muse of Nightmares, the second book in Laini Taylor's Strange the Dreamer series. Oh and the follow up to Bear Town by Fredrik Backman. 

Which series/book Do you revisit for self-care/nostalgia?

I love the Boy series by Meg Cabot because I found it was a teenager and flew through them. They are fun and light and aren't too serious, which is a nice contrast to a lot of the books I have read lately. 

boy series.jpg


Do you have a bookish pet?

I have made my dogs bookish, by naming this book blog after them.

the doggies

You're welcome, Bindi and Pedro. 

Do you enjoy readathons? If so, which ones can people find you participating in?

I do, even though it can be hard if there are different start times as Australia is a little bit ahead timezone wise to most countries. I have participated in:

If the times suit and I have no plans, I will definitely participate in all of the above again. If there are any other readathons that you really enjoy, please let me know. 

What is one part of bookish life you enjoy that isn’t reading?

I love the community. The internet has allowed for like-minded book lovers to connect to each other from around the world and it is amazing to be able to find others that like what you like when previously you have felt all alone. 

Is there a genre you wished you read more of?

I feel like an outsider when I say fantasy is a favourite genre because I haven't read the 'greats' so I would actually like to explore the fantasy genre further as it contains so many different worlds and magic systems and ideas. 

What is your favourite book cover of all time?

I  love the colours purple and gold together so when I saw the Bone Witch, I knew I had to read it! However, I read it in the overdrive app so I still need to purchase this one in hardcover because it's so gorgeous AND I love the story. 

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#BOOKISHBLOGGERSUNITE is a weekly book blogger tag hosted by a different blog each week. This week link your post and check out katy's blog @ thebookishcronk

#BOOKISHBLOGGERSUNITE is a weekly book blogger tag hosted by a different blog each week. This week link your post and check out katy's blog @thebookishcronk

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