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January 2018 Book Acquisitions

January 2018 Acquisitions

22 Books Acquired

In BookRiot Insiders, a few of us have decided to participate in BookQuest, which is basically reading your shelves as much as you can. I notice that there is also a tag on Instagram for #theunreadshelfproject2018 which is the same concept. It seems as if a lot of us book lovers love buying books but just don't get the chance to get to them all when we buy them. 

To help with this challenge, I have tried to limit my book buying, even going so far as to NOT go to Lifeline Bookfest when it came to Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. It's a big secondhand book festival with all the money raised going to charity. I usually clean up and have been known to get in the 100s of books as some are as little as $1. BUT I HAD THE WILLPOWER. 

I have started to track the books coming in each month (not just what I read). On the acquisitions tab on my spreadsheet, the stats for Jan are:

jan2018 acquisitions

Purchases and Winnings:

 My JAN2018 #Haul

My JAN2018 #Haul

Book Club Picks

For my in real life book club, we read 3 YA books a month. For January, these were Magonia, Everless and the Cruel Prince. As Magonia is a couple of years old now, I was able to obtain an ebook through my library overdrive app, however my library had no copies for Everless in either physical or ebook form and The Cruel Prince was only available in a physical copy. I was 13th in the hold line at the start of January so I thought I better get my own copy just in case the hold didn't come in on time. 

The Cruel Prince I was able to use my points at Dymocks, so I didn't actually spend any money and for Everless, I found a copy cheap at my local Big W store (I still really love the US cover more than our version, but what are you going to do?).

 The Cruel Prince, a Jan YA Book Club Pick

The Cruel Prince, a Jan YA Book Club Pick

 Everless, a Jan YA Book Club Pick

Everless, a Jan YA Book Club Pick

I won an ARC

As a Dymocks Gold member, I get the opportunity to enter into competitions on a monthly-ish basis. However these competitions are usually along the lines of 'the first 50 gold members who respond...' and because the emails usually come through while I am at work and I don't check my emails while I am working, I am usually too late. I don't know whether I got lucky with this one and I just got in on time or whether other gold members weren't as big fantasy readers but I got Raymond E Feist's latest book in a new series, due out in April this year.

 The ARC for the King of Ashes, a new Raymond E. Feist 

The ARC for the King of Ashes, a new Raymond E. Feist 

It Was On Sale?

I catched up a on bunch of podcasts last year, one of which was 'From the Front Porch'. Both hosts loved Kitchens of the Great Midwest but I had never heard nor seen it before. When I was casually browsing the sale shelf at QBD, I came across the book for only $10, on sale from $30. Since it was one of their favourite books and received glowing recommendations, I thought I might as well check it out, considering I hadn't gone too crazy with my book buying this month.

 Kitchens of the Great Midwest - I tried but the sticker won't come off without leaving a mess :(

Kitchens of the Great Midwest - I tried but the sticker won't come off without leaving a mess :(

All the Trades, All the Time

I only started to read comic books a year or so ago, and even then, I don't buy them very often because I am a fairly quick reader, so I go through them pretty fast and they are super expensive here in Australia. So I had started some series but had not got very far. Cue my husband taking me on a movie date after work this month (we saw Pitch Perfect 3 and Stars Wars: The Last Jedi). My husband is the known comicbook fan, favouring the capes variety. He wanted to check out the comic book store that we don't get to very often (it is up so many flights of stairs). He only ended up with one trade. I may have indulged and ended up with three! In my defence, I did get Monstress for a Book Riot Read Harder Challenge and the other two, I already own earlier volumes and I wanted to continue. 

Monstress Vol 1.jpg
rat queens vol 2.jpg
saga vol 3.jpg

Borrowed Books

I love recommendations from people I know as the majority of the time, they know what I like (which is most things, if I am being honest). For the month of January, I borrowed 5 books:

As you can see, I have read the majority of the books I borrowed. I try to make this a priority so I am not holding on to books that aren't mine! So far though, all the books I have read have been four or five-star reads so I have been very impressed. 

Library Books

the physical copies:

borrowbox app:

Libby APP:

  • Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley | Magonia #1 | 3 stars

NetGalley ARCS

I don't usually get accepted for NetGalley ARCS as an international reviewer, especially with a new site. However I did put a couple of ARCs on a wishlist and one of them got approved. 

  • The Hawkman by Jane Rosenberg Laforge
the hawkman.png

A fairytale about the Great War? I love historical fiction and a great fairy tale, so I want to read this one ASAP!

I have read 16/22 books I acquired this month, though I am currently reading the chalkman, which will bring the tally up to 17/22 once completed.

Do you keep track of all the books you acquire or just the purchased copies? My tracking has a saving option so I can keep track all the money I save going to the library rather than buying the books. Have you read any of the books I acquired this month? Please let me know in the comments below. 

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Book Review: The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

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