Bindro's Bookshelf is a tiny corner of the internet for me to post about my love of books and reading, though I am sure my dogs will worm their way into the blog, just like they did with my heart, and home, and bed...

About Me

My name is Jade and I am the creator of Bindro's Bookshelf. If someone asks what I like to do, my very first answer is reading. 


I have always loved reading, ever since my Grade One teacher read the Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton to the class, and I 'requested' that I have a copy of all the books too. I devoured the Babysitters Club, Nancy Drew and of course, Harry Potter. 

I have since branched out in reading choices, but my love for a story has never wavered. I like to read across genres and different age ranges, from middle grade to adult and everything in between. 

I currently live in Australia, with my husband and my two adopted dogs who have inspired the name for this site and fill me with so much joy. They are the best companions to read with, never interrupt during the captivating parts and they are always happy to snuggle for hours at a time without moving! Less can be said for the husband... 


This is Bindi

The little princess of the house. She will whimper, beg or do anything at her disposal when she wants attention. She is a chihuahua crossed with a pug (chug?) and she is also the first dog that I adopted. She loves her treats, baths and walks. She also enjoys bossing Pedro around.

This is Pedro

He is very cuddly and very light. He was adopted so Bindi would have someone to play with during the day and now I can't remember our household without him. He is a purebred long haired chihuahua and loves sleeping in a washing basket full of clean clothes. He is also a bit of a scavenger when it comes to food or paper (which has been known to be found teared up next to where he is sleeping).